Hello World.

The awkward first post. I thought about starting this blog in medias res seeing as I am in the middle of my career but introductions and explanations are probably in order. My name is Adam Axbey. I am professionally, in about this order, a sound designer, mixer, recordist, composer, producer, writer and director. The aim of this blog is to focus on my adventures in the first four of my aforementioned fortes but I’m sure a sprinkling of the final three will appear throughout.

Let’s drill down a bit on the goals of this blog. After fifteen years working mostly in post sound and more recently in game audio, I realize that I’m not really a significant participant in the audio community. I’d like to change that. I think that I’m also at an interesting crossroads in my career; as I’m well versed in all thing post audio I hopefully have some helpful tips and tricks to share there (though there’s always lots more to learn). But I’m less well versed in the implementation side of game audio, so I hope the mistakes I make here will garner me some constructive criticism, or at least some creative invective. 

Here’s a link to the last thing I mixed, Cache Craze

And a link to some pretty cool sound design I worked on, Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

Finally, here’s a web series that I co-produced and did all the audio post for, Last In Space

TL;DR - I’m gonna be doing some cool audio stuff and post about it here, stay tuned if that seems like good times to you.